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From: Aijaz Baig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: incomplete 'portupgrade -a' command
To: Lars Eighner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Thank you for your advice lars.

With regards to Lars' following quote:

> Yes.  However if you canceled portupgrade while it was updating the ports
> database, you could have hosed the database, and that could lead to
> problems.

does it mean that if I had used something like CTRL+Z to stop the execution
of the 'portupgrade -a' process, it might have led to problems?

To that end, I'd like to add that I had initially issued the same command
then decided to some more work on the internet and hence issued the CTRL+Z
command to stop it when I noticed that it was taking some time.

Then after finishing my work I reissued the command only to find after an
hour that it was still running and I wasn't able to do anything with my box
(it almost froze)..and hence I resorted to the Reboot as said earlier.

Do you think I might have hosed the database? (Whats Hosing a database by
the way?)...Is there some way to remedy the problem if there is any?

Hope to hear from you,

Best regards,

Aijaz Baig.

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:12 AM, Lars Eighner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Aijaz Baig wrote:
>  Hello,
> >
> > I installed 'portupgrade' on my system the other day and was mentioned
> > in
> > this <http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/ports-using.html>document
> >
> > issued the following command after installlaing it.
> >
> > 'portupgrade -a'.
> >
> > After that my computer was like doing a hell lot of things which I
> > suppose
> > included updating the indices of the ports isn't it? Does 'portupgrade
> > -a'
> > updates only the indices of the various ports that are registered in the
> > ports subdirectory or does it INSTALL all of them into the computer?
> >
> Portupgrade -a will attempt to upgrade all ports that are installed where
> the installed version is not the current version.  This can be an arduous
> and perilous task.  Reading UPGRADING in /usr/ports is recommended before
> attempting it.
> If its the latter than I am kinda jacked I guess as I would have to see
> > which ports have been installed and which ports have been left hanging
> > and
> > accordingly removed the unwanted ports and shred the stuff that has been
> > downloaded without being installed.
> >
> If you did not install an older version of the port, the port will not be
> installed. It is for *upgrading* as the name 'portupgrade' implies.
> >
> > While it was working my other applications almost froze and I couldn't
> > do
> > nothing so I issued something like 'ctrl+alt+F9' (I do not remember
> > which
> > function key it was) and the computer rebooted(I suppose that
> > combination
> > means reboot on the xfce).
> >
> > Due to this the 'portupgrade -a' command was left in the middle. SO I
> > assume
> > that there could have been instances wherein the source code or other
> > such
> > things might have been fetched without being installed.
> >
> > Can I use the 'portsclean -C' command mentioned on the same page in that
> > document to clean the work directories of all the installed ports?
> >
> Yes.  However if you canceled portupgrade while it was updating the ports
> database, you could have hosed the database, and that could lead to
> problems.
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