Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
I'm currently running FreeBSD 6.2 on a PIII 550  with 384 of ram and 10 gig

I got my hands a "new" box it's a PIV 1.8 with 1 gig of ram-

I was wondering if it were possible to take the hard drive out from the older
machine ( it's a dell dimension) and put it in the new tower- dell optiplex

I know with older windows OS's 9x it would work fine just maybe have to
update some drivers, where as with NT 2k XP etc..  it would not.

Will this work in the  BSD world? Or am I asking for more trouble than its



Unless you've done something really *weird* with the kernel, it should work just fine. The Windows (2K/NT/XP) problem of booting in new hardware is caused by not having the specific IDE / ATA drivers installed. The FreeBSD ATA driver is in the kernel and can handle a long list of different PATA/SATA controllers. One thing that may change (and may cause you some trouble) is the device name (eg from ad0 to ad2), depending on the controller / channel you connect the new disk but this can easily be fixed in /etc/fstab

You will of course have to reconfigure other changed devices, like sound cards, X -if the video card is different -, and network.
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