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I'm unbale to install nss_ldap from padl. I've error :
=> nss_ldap-257.tar.gz doesn't seem to exist in /usr/ports/distfiles/.
=> Attempting to fetch from http://www.padl.com/download/.
fetch: http://www.padl.com/download/nss_ldap-257.tar.gz: size mismatch: 
expected 229242, actual       229299

Anyone, can tell me, how to install openldap client on Freebsd 7-Stable ?

I do not know why /usr/ports/net/nss_ldap/distinfo contains a different file size (and probably inappropriate checksums), but you can just edit /usr/ports/net/nss_ldap/distinfo and put in what you find (start with size only, later by using md5 and sha256 utilities in /sbin to calculate checksums after the file has been fetched /usr/ports/distfiles).

You can also build from the ports collection with make options to ignore size and checksums but I forgot them. ;-)

Of course distinfo is there no just for fun but for security. So you must decide whether you modify the file or not.

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