Tim Daneliuk wrote:
Is there some regular interval at which new ports are processed by the
FreeBSD team?  I submitted a port (for a very minor utility) 3/20/2008
but it is still not in the tree.  I'm not complaining in the slightest -
the folks who do this work are volunteering their time, and I get/respect
that.  I'm just curious if there is some window you have to hit to get
stuff in.

Just curious, not beefin',

There's no particular schedule for bringing in new ports -- it's all
just part of the same flow of updates, patches etc. etc.

If your submission is still languishing unattended after about 3 weeks,
then it has probably been overlooked, and it would not be amiss to send
a follow-up asking if there's a problem. Most ports PRs are dealt with considerably faster than that, although the initial import of a new port
does take longer than a routine update to an existing port.

One important general point is that any one sending in PRs should supply
a working e-mail address in what they send -- if a port maintainer needs
to ask a question or for some other form of feedback, and their e-mail to
the PR originator bounces, then that PR is simply not going to get


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