On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 06:11:29AM +0100, Paul A. Mayer wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> Did you remember to install the e2fstools (i.e., e2fsck) from ports?
> BTW:  I had an ext2 partion on my laptop (5.0-R) that I wanted to share 
> with a linux installation, which I run ocassionally on the same machine. 
>  Essentially doing what you are talking about here (running ext2 from 
> freebsd in r/w mode) trashed the ext2 partion so bad that I had to newfs 
> it in the end.  (Luckily it was just a means to move data which was 
> backed up elsewhere.)  While that partition was still "living", I had to 
> boot to linux to fsck it manually (e.g., after a system crash or the 
> like).  Otherwise, I had it marked 'noauto' in fstab, and mounted it 
> manually as needed.
> Now, believe it or not, I'm using a FAT32 partition to do the same data 
> exchange, (reasoning that both OS's support for FAT32 is better than 
> their respective support for ext2 or ufs).  I've had no problems after 
> making that change.
I think there are many people who successfully use EXT2 r/w on FreeBSD,
and many who don't. The comment in LINT is very cagey about it. It is
undoubtedly true that the safest file system to use for data exchange on
a single machine between the 2 systems is a DOS/VFAT one.

   Cliff Sarginson 
   The Netherlands

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