Pieter de Goeje wrote:
On Saturday 12 April 2008, Michaël Le Barbier wrote:
Hi folks,

a few years ago, I tried to use FreeBSD's make under GNU/Linux, and
to `jpd' on c.u.b.f.misc, I managed to build FreeBSD 4.7's make under
some GNU/Linux systems. Having a couple makefiles using make's features
that were introduced after 4.7, I would like to build a more up-to-date,

Before I start, I am double checking nobody has done the job yet, and
nobody has it in the works. So, if you know anything about this, I
would be very happy you share the info with me!

By the way, I am not sure the way FreeBSD's make program should be
called: the divine documentation in the PSD refers to `pmake', as
well as some source files, but Mac OS X uses `bsdmake', and in many
FreeBSD's docs it is just `make'.
I know that ubuntu/debian systems have a package called freebsd5-buildutils which includes "freebsd-make", perhaps you can use some of there work.

Thank you, this program works (provided one uses a combination of MAKEFLAGS and -m to feed the program with a sys.mk in a nonstandard location). It is however not modern enough, since it does not understand `sinclude' ... nice to know about it, though.

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