Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 17:20:17 +0200, Michaël Le Barbier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Hi folks,

a few years ago, I tried to use FreeBSD's make under GNU/Linux, and
thanks to `jpd' on c.u.b.f.misc, I managed to build FreeBSD 4.7's make
under some GNU/Linux systems. Having a couple makefiles using make's
features that were introduced after 4.7, I would like to build a more
up-to-date, make.

Before I start, I am double checking nobody has done the job yet, and
nobody has it in the works. So, if you know anything about this, I
would be very happy you share the info with me!

There's definitely interest in making FreeBSD make(1) buildable on
Linux and Solaris systems.  Warner Losh recently committed some changes
to bring us closer to this goal, and I'm on and off making changes to a
personal project at but I'm afraid that
the `pmake' port is all that is usable right now.

Hi Giorgos,

thanks to your reply, I remembered that BSD's make is known as bmake in NetBSD's pkgsrc (I have formerly used pkgsrc on a Mac OS X system). See what I found: one of the bmake's commiters is also maintaining an autonomous auto-* version of it, and it seems close enough of FreeBSD's make to work on my files!

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