Eric Zimmerman wrote:
Frank Shute wrote:

I spotted a couple of things with your rc.conf that could be causing
you trouble:

1) There are a lot of unquoted YES's for enabling services. I don't
know if that could screw thing's up but for form's sake, I'd try quoting
them and rebooting.

2) You seem to have set your security level quite high. I can't find
where they are documented in 6.3 (in 7.0 under security(7)) but it
could be worth a try commenting out the securelevel lines and
rebooting and then setting your security level through sysctl (I
think you can do that).

I will give this a whirl and see how it goes. I have never had issues with the unquoted YES statements unless they are not balanced (i.e. foo_enable=YES" or foo_enable="YES blows up), but I did quote everything to be consistent

I commented out the securelevel stuff as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. i will report back once i get the box rebooted

success! commenting out the securelevel resolved the issue. i never ran into that before, but glad its working as expected now.

Thanks for the help!

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