We have been attempting to upgrade several servers from 6.2 to 6.3. We have been using a shared source tree on an nfs mount to both build and install our systems. We run a mix of virtual and physical servers in our environment. Our physical systems are all dual-xeon machines running an SMP kernel and our virtual machines are all single processor systems running single processor kernels. We have successfully upgraded 19 systems so far using source compiled on one of our virtual machines (single processor) including 7 of our physical servers. So we built the source and kernels on a shared nfs mount on one virtual machine, mounted that share as /usr/src with a shared obj tree as well and successfully installed both source and kernels on 19 machines, including 7 dual processor physical servers. The problem comes now that installworld will no longer complete on any new server. We have downloaded and recompiled new source, created new obj trees and still run in to sporadic failures with installworld on new virtual machines. I have tried compiling the source on another virtual machine as well as on a physical server but I am still having sporadic failures on installworld. it will fail giving a no such file or directory error genenerally in bsnmpd.

So the question is, has anyone seen errors like this? Would compiling source and kernels on an SMP physical server cause install problems on a single processor virtual-machine? Vice-Versa?

Steve B

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