On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Chad Perrin wrote:

I have two questions.  First:

Assume you have a FreeBSD system installed that has been running for at
least a year, with a bunch of graphical desktop and productivity software
installed, and have both installed and uninstalled a lot of software over
that time.  Now imagine that you want to know whether a given utility was
something that came with the base system or was installed by some port or
package later on.  What's the easiest way to do that (preferably without
installing the FreeBSD base system on a computer and checking whether the
utility is present)?


Where can I get a list of all licenses on all software in the base
system?  I know there's at least the BSD License, the GPL, and the LGPL,
but I'm a little hazy on what else is in there.  I'm pretty sure there
isn't any proprietary closed source software in there, but I wouldn't bet
any substantial amount of money on it at this point, because I haven't
really checked into it.

For the first question, I'd first look at where the utility is. Base system utilities won't be in /usr/local. Add-on packages and ports "should" be. The "pkg_info" utility and all of its switches and options could be useful too, if your ports database is correct.

For the second question, I've always assumed that /COPYRIGHT applied to everything in the base system.
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