Bjarne Wichmann Petersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Tried it, but really got confused trying to install it. Ended up having a 
> service dir created all over my system. Never got it to work.

Dan Bernstein is always interested to hear about difficulties with his
You have to follow the instructions to the letter. I never saw
something go wrong, so it's likely you missed a phrase or sentence.
I recommend trying again. BIND is a pain compared to dnscache.

Regarding your problem: resolving takes about 0.5s
at my ADSL connection - with an empty cache. I think your problem is
possibly at the network layer.

What results give the following commands?

dig @
dig @
dig @
dig @

You should get a CNAME answer and an "additional section".
You may try then one of the nameservers of the additional section and
the given CNAME.

Regards, Frank

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