Gilles wrote:
On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 22:06:24 -0400, Jon Radel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
What control do you have over the firewall?  One of the cleaner
solutions would be to run an ftp proxy on the firewall, such as that
supplied with pf.  See ftp-proxy(8) or

Unfortunately, the router/NAT firewall can be neither replaced nor
tweaked, since it's a modem/router provided by our ISP.

Actually, we don't necessarily need an FTP. Whatever solution to send
files is fine, provided I can add this feature in a VB Classic client

Running an FTP behind a home DSL router is perfectly possible. You will just have to open a range of ports on the router itself eg 25000-25050 and forward them to your ftp server internal IP address. Then set the FTP server to only use these ports for passive transfers.

For example, I am using ftp/proftpd and have this directive in the configuration file:

PassivePorts 25000-25050

You will, of course, need to forward port 21 as well.
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