Hey again,

I am trying to get latest Samba running under FreeBSD 7.0 jail environment. I happen to have problems with "visibility" of the Samba server on the network - I cannot connect to it using its NetBIOS name. To be able to run nmbd, I have to use the "interfaces"
parameter in smb.conf like this:

        interfaces =

If I don't set this, nmbd fails to run (it says it cannot find interfaces). However, if I try the identical configuration on a "non-jailed" Samba (on a FreeBSD 6.2 though) it runs seamlessly - I can connect to it from another box by running "smbclient //server/share".

Is there any way to make NetBIOS work for jailed Samba server on FreeBSD 7.0?

Is there really nobody who could help me out here?

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