On Apr 20, 2008, at 9:28 PM, Edward Ruggeri wrote:

I'm just reading through the manual for FreeBSD, and I am at section
3.2.6 "Changing Console Video Modes."  This discusses how to change
the default console resolution.  I would try this out, but as I can
only access my FreeBSD box remotely at the moment, I am hesitant to
recompile the kernel with the necessary options (I currently get an
error when running "#vidcontrol -i mode": "getting active vty:
Inappropriate ioctl for device".  I assume this is because the current
kernel is insufficient?).  I'm afraid my computer might need to be
booted by hand, which I wouldn't be able to do.

In any case, lacking the ability to experiment, I am curious about
different video modes.  Will greater resolutions allow me to fit more
text on the screen in the console?  Of course I know (maybe less than
I think) about resolution in terms of graphical environments (e.g.,
can see more of a high-resolution image w/ a greater resolution), but
is it the same for text?



-- Ned Ruggeri

Don't forget to use i386 instead of amd64, since those higher resolutions are vesa modes(I also don't think you can get any widescreen resolutions) and amd64 can't access the vesa instructions. You might be able to try hacking the loader and change resolutions there but I don't know if it would stay that way through boot or what effect X windows would have.

You could just try a fullscreen xterm. Using evilwm it can give you the look of a console with a higher resolution.

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