I am in a bit of a pinch.  Maybe you could help me.

I live in a small town because  that is where my ex-wife lives and our 14 year 
old son who needs to have his dad in his life.
When I lived in a bigger city I made good money as a computer programmer.  But 
my son needs me.  So I've made the sacrifice of living here where there is no 
computer work to speak of.
My ex-wife has a good paying government job.  When I worked in my field I made 
more than she did.  In this rural setting I can't find computer work.  So I get 
by on what I can find.  For the last few years I''ve made only about 1/3 of 
what she does.  Now she is moving 2000 miles away to get an even better paying 
job.  I feel that I should move too.  I feel that my son still needs me in his 
life.  But there is no way I can afford that move.  If I could get there I 
could probably get good work.  The town she is moving to is only 90 miles from 
Pittsburgh, PA and it looks like there are plenty of computer programming jobs 
available there.

If you think you could help please send $1 to

L. Lund
POB 1686
Parowan, UT, 84781

and forward this to several (or many) people.

P.S. For the last several years I've been using my spare time (after 12-16 hr. 
work days) to build a web site where parents of school children can pay for 
school lunch on-line.  The basic functionality is there so I can give you a 
link where you could donate on-line and save the postage.  See 
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