Ivan Voras wrote:
Boris Kochergin wrote:
Do you know about http://ralink.rapla.net/? The RT2500-based cards listed there are supported by the ural(4) driver. There's a discouraging comment about using them for access points in the man page, though:

The ural driver does not support automatic adaptation of the transmit
    speed in IBSS and HostAP operating modes.

That's too bad - it seems the Linsys' card is supported by ural. I looked around for Linux information on the same topic, and given the problems they have, I think I'll even settle for IBSS. Are there any practical differences between HOSTAP and IBSS when used by a very small number of users?

I've never used IBSS, but I have enough spare 802.11 hardware to try it out. I'll let you know.

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