Matt Proud wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have used FreeBSD for a long time very casually but have never explored
> any of its software RAID or volume management features---at least to a
> degree to which I feel comfortable with them. What I would like to know with
> this post is 1.) whether there exists the ability to setup an analogue of
> this in FreeBSD; 2.) how this would be done if it is possible; 3.) whether
> the capabilities of this in FreeBSD are sufficiently mature to manage it;
> and 4.) how worst-case recovery scenarios would go on FreeBSD.
> I have a four disk software RAID setup in Linux. Everything is in RAID with
> the exception of swap. Here's an approximation of my setup:
> /dev/sd{a,b,c}1 is in a RAID 1 array used as /boot.
> /dev/sd{a,b,c}2 is in a RAID 1 array used a /root.
> /dev/sd{a,b,c}3 is used as swap with each of equal priority.
> /dev/sd{a,b,c}4 is in a RAID 5 array used as LVM.
> /dev/sdd houses spare partitions for the compliment supra.
> LVM is henceforth broke up according to proper Linux-FHS rules.
> What are your thoughts on this?

It's definitely doable, see gmirror(8) for RAID1, gvinum(8) for RAID5.
Note that there's no separate entity that performs as "LVM" does - this
functionality is integrated in the system behaviour. You can use any
disk device or partition with any transformation (such as RAID,
encryption, iSCSI, etc.) without special preparation, partitioning or

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