Tobias Kirschstein skrev:

i'm looking for a small tool to query the current network traffic (kb
IN and OUT) per interface. is there any sysctl or tool which gives me a
similar output to "systat -ifstat":

                    /0   /1   /2   /3   /4   /5   /6   /7   /8   /9   /10
Load Average |||| Interface Traffic Peak Total
            lo0  in      0.000 KB/s          0.000 KB/s          226.079 KB
                 out     0.000 KB/s          0.000 KB/s          226.079 KB

           wpi0  in      0.000 KB/s          0.000 KB/s          164.577 MB
                 out     0.000 KB/s          0.000 KB/s            6.205 MB

the background:
unfortunately the network monitor build into superkaramba does not work
for freebsd, os i want to write a widget which uses sysctl or any other
tool if available got get this information. systat is not appropriate
to be used because it does not terminate on its own as i see.


If you want something more of a web service you could install SNMP from ports and use Cacti (also from ports). See for a quick glance at what you'll get.

Just my nickels worth.


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