> Hello-
> I would like to backup my cvs repository in case my system goes down or incase i
> want to move the repository. can i tar up the files in the root directory and
> save it on a cd?
> I would also like to back up my mysql databases for the same reasons. can i tar
> those up for later use?

Not sure about cvs... However, for mysql, you should use mysqldump.

# mysqldump -u {username} -p{password} {database} > ./{database}.`date 

This will give you a nice datestamped sql script 
to rebuild your database.  

However, this will only contain your database 
information and structure. You will also need a backup 
of the mysql database (users, permissions, etc).

# mysqldump -u root -p<mysql_root_password> mysql > ./mysql.`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M`.sql

A final option is too just backup all of the databases in one shot.

# mysqldump -u root -p<mysql_root_password> --all-databases > ./FULL.`date 


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