The inspiration for this email was from a thread in 
-questions: "Re: fsck takes very long after crash/reset"

Is anybody currently working on or does there exist
a JFS for FreeBSD?

I've read in the archives, the discussion about 
not really needing JFS because of the benefits of
softupdates. As well as some talk about BSD / GPL
license issues.

Is there not a JFS for FreeBSD becuase, Softupdates 
do the job just fine and nobody has the 
time or interest to work on this?

I'm not running FreeBSD 5.x. So I'm not able to take 
advantage of the background fsck. Can anybody comment 
on their success w/ the background fsck?

If a JFS were to be ported and/or developed for FreeBSD
what should it be based on? XFS, JFS, ReiserFS???

Who would be considered the "maintainer" for this type of


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