Marian Asokarajan wrote:
And probably the "darwin" (or "generic") model is used, instead of "gnu"
(s.a. line 5801 in file /usr/src/contrib/libstdc++/configure).
If it is so, why doesn't the "gnu" model apply to FreeBSD ?

I posted the same question to the libstdc++ mailing list and benjamin
kindly answered my question and he suggested the following:

BK> It looks like it has something to do with ctype, and nothing to do with
BK> named locales.

BK> Named locales only work on GNU systems, or with systems that implement
BK> the new POSIX locale model (newlocale/duplocale/strcoll_l, etc). From
BK> what I understand, neither FreeBSD 7 nor Darwin meet these requirements.

So, is his suggestion right ?

Sashi Asokarajan
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