I dont know if this post belong here..but i try searching anywhere but none
could solve my problem..hope someone will help me here

I have problem in my load images using Mozilla & IE, the image can't load
for example in site of friendster most images
don't load, i have read lots of blogs about it some says that its a "BUG"
from friendster but they say they it was already.

Suddenly, i read from one blog by changing the DNS in IPV4 properties of
Network Connection it will fix the problem honestly i followed the
instruction and
gotcha it work out. but when i resume it to its current configuration
"Obtain DBS server automatically" the problem is back, is this a problem in
my DNS server?
I'm using the FreeBSD 6.2 version...

I already restarted the DNS Server "/etc/rc.d/named restart" but nothing
happens the problem is still there..Is there any one here could help
me solve it?

Hope someone here will help me, I'm stuck in this problem for 3 weeks,
another thing only site friendster the images dont load no other site

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