What is the best way to use cvsup in a multi-server environment? I
have four servers. None are exactly the same. The only thing they have
in common is that they use a Pentium CPU. Three (A B C) are production
servers with lots of real user accounts and data. The forth is my test
and configuration management (CM) system.

Currently what I do is run cvsup from the CM machine, then push out
the updates with rsync. Each system has its own ports collection. Each
port is built on the machine it will run on.

I thought it would be simpler if I use NFS to mount the ports
collection on each of the production systems, maintaining just one
copy on the CM machine. Then I would build each port on the machine it
will run on. My concern is for how a build on server A will affect a
build on server B. Will a "make clean" be enough?

I have heard that there are tools for managing the ports
collection. Are there any that would make my life easier?

BTW, I am in Hawaii, and it's a beautiful, sunny day, temp around
80F. I guess it's pretty cold today for most of you.

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