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> How do I compile in debugging into apache using ports?  There is no 
> configmenu when one begins to install/compile the port.  I'm still having 
> trouble with apache crashing on a recently upgraded server.  (after I have 
> rebuilt all of the ports).  I was having the same problem with apache on a 
> sandbox server after upgrade to 7.0-RELEASE.  I wasn't ever able to figure 
> it out.  I have just upgraded apache on a production server, and I am not 
> able to cut over until apache working.  I get no errors in log files no 
> errors on std out, and no core dump either.  If I attache to GDB, I get no 
> messages either.  Wierd.

First, put WITH_DEBUG=absolutely in /etc/make.conf.  This will cause all
ports that are built to have debug symbols.  I believe you need to save
the /usr/ports/*/[portname]/work directory after installing, so don't do
a make clean until you've archived that somewhere.

Then, ensure the sysctls in the kernel are all frobbed to allow coredumps.
kern.coredump: 1
kern.sugid_coredump: 1

Then, make sure the www user has write access to wherever it's trying to
dump to.  Personally, I prefer to tweak kern.corefile to be
/usr/local/corefiles/%N.%P.core.  I can then ensure that directory exists
and that all users have write access to it (probably not the best idea
on a production server, however)

>From there, you should be getting usable coredumps.

Bill Moran
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