* Gerard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-05-03 14:47:56 -0400]:

> On Sat, 3 May 2008 13:35:10 -0400
> Sahil Tandon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi.  I'm running FreeBSD 6.1.  I have never had a problem with
> > portmanager until today.  I was trying to update amavisd-new.  When I
> > issued the upgrade command, portmanager started to update perl5.8.
> > Everything was going fine until I realized it was looping.  After the
> > "3rd strike," I was told to look at the log.  I am not able to glean
> > much in the way of solutions, so hoping someone with a similar
> > experience can help.  I did see prior threads about the looping
> > problem but I am still unable to update perl.
> What version of portmanager are you running? The last one is '' I
> believe. It might have been nice if you had also posted any pertinent
> portions of the log file also. There was a looping problem in a very
> old version of portmanager; however, supposedly it had been corrected.
> Portmanager will not update itself if I remember correctly. I believe
> you have to do it manually.

Sorry for not posting the log file; I meant to do this and forgot:

autoConflicts              0  autoMoved                  0
backUp                     0  buildDependsAreLeaves      0
forced                     0  interactive                0
log                        1  pmMode                     1
pristine                   0  resume                     0
Sat May  3 09:55:47 2008
 perl-5.8.8_1                        /lang/perl5.8                 
    MISSING                             perl-5.8.8_1                        

Sat May  3 10:06:45 2008
 perl-5.8.8_1                        /lang/perl5.8                 
    MISSING                             perl-5.8.8_1                        

Sat May  3 10:06:46 2008
 perl-5.8.8_1                        /lang/perl5.8                 
    make Strike 2                                                               

Sat May  3 10:25:21 2008
 perl-5.8.8_1                        /lang/perl5.8                 
    MISSING                             perl-5.8.8_1                        

Sat May  3 10:25:40 2008
 perl-5.8.8_1                        /lang/perl5.8                 
    make Strike 3, marking port as ignore/looping                               

Sat May  3 10:25:40 2008
 portmanager                         0.4.1_9                       
    INFO: finished with some ports not updated  if --log was used see 

> Assuming you have the latest version of portmanager:

I do: portmanager-0.4.1_9
> 1) Update your ports tree

I did, via portsnap update.

> 2) Clean out '/usr/ports/distfiles'
>    Not really necessary; however, it cannot hurt.


> 3) If available, run: portsclean -CDLP

Tried this.

> 4) Run: portmanager -u -p -y -l
Will try this, though I am a bit reluctant to do an all-out update of 
everything!  For what it's worth, I had a perl module installed via CPAN 
(instead of the ports tree, because the port does not exist), about which 
portmanager seems to complain.  The port was for Net-DNS-Async.  portmanager 
asks me to pkg_delete and re-install.  I will try that and perhaps perl will 
then build/update properly.
Sahil Tandon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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