* Andrew Pantyukhin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-05-04 20:23:09 +0400]:

> Try to request help on [EMAIL PROTECTED] (cc'ed). Perl ports are
> usually very easy to create and maintain, so if you don't want to
> spend 30 minutes learning, someone with enough experience can
> probably do it in a couple of minutes if you ask nicely :)
I did not mean to imply I was unwilling to create the port; was just curious 
about how to not "break" the existing setup when installing modules outside 
of the ports tree.  Someone replied off-list suggesting I install to a 
~/local dir and set $PERL5LIB to take that directory into account.

> Yes, making a new port is the easiest way to install something
> from CPAN.

I do prefer to keep everything organized in ports, so I created my first port:

Let's hope I didn't totally mess it up. :-)

Sahil Tandon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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