Chris Maness wrote:
Chris Maness wrote:
Patrick Clochesy wrote:
Standard diagnostic rules apply. What does a coredump say? GDB? Did you remove all modules and readd 1-by-1 to isolate the problem if the modules are your suspicion? What is the frequency of the crashes?

I have posted all of the output.  The whole thread can be found at:

It crashes when I include php5 module.

It seems to work fine in a clean install of RELEASE-7.0, so the issue seems to be in the upgrading process. I will install a clean version of RLEASE-6.3 get it running and upgrade it, so I provide an e-mail detailing how to reproduce the problem. I have too much work in my 6.3 server to re configure it from scratch, so I am really counting on finding the root of this problem so that I can upgrade my production server. Thanks for all of the help.

Chris Maness

Sorry, guys. I spoke too soon. It is crashing on the fresh install as well. I just rebooted, and the same situation occurs, httpd core dumps instantly. (with php5 module installed) The only other thing I did begin installing squirrel mail. I have a virtual installation that I will try it on too. This is the third instance of apache13 port crashing with the php5 built with the module. I did nothing to httpd.conf except add a virtual host. I checked this with apachectl checkconfig and it was fine. After it started crashing, I removed the vhost and it was still crashing.

Chris Maness
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