prad wrote:
i'd like to know how people live with freebsd.
It will soon be the ninth anniversary of my union with FreeBSD. I have been pleased of it, all the time.
do you use only ports or only packages or a mixture?
do you upgrade from version to version using freebsd tools or do it
do you have a different approach regarding the above depending on
whether it is for a server or a desktop?
I use FreeBSD in the `desktop' setting, I do a lot of TeX, programming, and scientific computing.
In my own views, I segregate applications in three groups:
-- the zombie group, consisting of applications I rarely use, and do not care to keep up to date (almost everything); -- the living group, consisting of applications I use often but moderately care to keep up to date (Emacs and seamonkey); -- the hot group, consisting of applications I am very interested in (e.g. some libraries I use in my programs).

I do not care to update the zombie group.
I will maybe consider updating ports in the living group, either for security reasons or for some new functionnality I heard of and I really want to have. It is not unlikely I update ports in the hot group every time there is a new major release is available.

I do the base install from packages, and use portupgrade for updating my software, after I have read /usr/ports/UPDATING.

My primary goal is having a working system for a minimal maintenance cost, the way I do works pretty well for me; but some others may have better ways to deal with this.
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