> Thus spake Daxbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > The inspiration for this email was from a thread in
> > -questions: "Re: fsck takes very long after crash/reset"
> >
> > Is anybody currently working on or does there exist
> > a JFS for FreeBSD?

Various people (including myself and Hiten Pandya) have done work to port
the GPL'd JFS implementation, but there's one ugly problem -- the GPL.

We can make JFS into a kernel module (avoiding the static-link policy of the
GPL), but then it can only (legally) be used on non-root filesystems, as the
code to read the root filesystem must be statically linked into the kernel.
This in itself makes JFS support somewhat pointless.

This is the same reason why XFS and ReiserFS haven't been ported -- the GPL
prevents us from statically linking the code into the kernel, hence we can't
support booting from any XFS/JFS/ResierFS filesystems.

Matt Emmerton

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