Stephen Allen wrote:
I am trying to mount an SMB share at startup. I have configured (as root) .nsmbrc so I don't have to type a password. When I run "mount -a", it mounts beautifully.

However, when restarting the server, it will not mount automatically. According to rc.conf(5), smbfs is part of 'netfs_types' so rc should wait until after the network is started before trying to mount it (so shouldn't fail). I have an entry in /etc/fstab as follows:

//[EMAIL PROTECTED]/unix_backups  /mnt/snapserver  smbfs  rw  0 0

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm wondering if the .nsmbrc file can't be read because rc isn't running as root - and if so, where can I put .nsmbrc?

Many thanks,
Steve :)

I don't think $HOME or $USER are already set at the time hard disks are mounted. Use the global file /etc/nsmb.conf as suggested in another mail.
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