Howdy.  I purchased a 1U 10 inch deep server machine a few months ago:

The CPU is a Xeon 3xxx dual core 2.4 GHz.  The machine has no case fans, by

It's sitting in a well-ventilated rack in a data center.  Oddly, when there
are no machines below and above it, the machine gets hotter.  Seems that
machines above and below help to cool it down.  I have the "coretemp" kernel
module loaded on the FreeBSD 7.0 OS, and I saw that the CPU core temp(s) hit
70 degrees Celsius during a compile of GCC.  Is this too hot?  Should I
complain to the people who assembled the computer?  At the time this
happened there were supposedly no surrounding machines.  This machine has
given me no problems.  At idle when conditions are good (meaning A/C is
working properly and there are machines above and below it) my CPU temps are
below 40.
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