> What are you using for apr? The one that comes with apache itself, or the
>  devel/apr port?

AFAICT, the one that comes with Apache itself.

It would seem that mod_authnz_ldap required mod_ldap to be compiled in
Apache to work. Having little or no experience at all with Apache +
LDAP combination so far, this was not really straightforward to me.

However, that combined with the (relatively) recent introduction of
OPTIONS to apache22 port leads me to ask the question if the Makefile
OPTIONS framework allows for dependencies (i.e. I mark one, the
framework automatically ticks other options my selection depends on).
Or, in this case, selecting mod_authnz_ldap automatically selects
mod_ldap. From the (scarce) documentation in the Porters Handbook, it
would seem that this is not currently possible, yet it doesn't seem
impossible to invoke another dialog and warn the user about inclusion
of additional options. Can anyone provide some insight into this?

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