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Hi Martin,

You don't need samba if all you want to do is copy files from FreeBSD to a Windows system. The easiest way to do it is to mount an existing Windows share, on FreeBSD. This will give you access to the Windows share, but nothing is shared out on your FreeBSD box.

Let's assume you have a non-protected share (called MYSHARE) on a Windows server called FRED. Let's also assume you have prepared a mount point on FreeBSD for this share, called /mnt/fred.

All you need to do is:

     $ mount -t smbfs //FRED/MYSHARE /mnt/fred

If you need to specify a username/password combo to access the share, try:

     $ mount -t smbfs //[EMAIL PROTECTED]/MYSHARE /mnt/fred

You will need to input a password, but if you want to save the password so it's used automatically, use /etc/nsmb.conf (see the man page), but here's an example.


The hashed password was created by using 'smbutil crypt' and inputting the real password (see the man page).

Obviously you need to make sure the permissions on /etc/nsmb.conf are secure.

If you want it to automount at startup, then /etc/fstab could contain:

     //[EMAIL PROTECTED]/MYSHARE  /mnt/fred  smbfs  rw  0 0

Steve :)
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