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It depends very much on the application load you have to support and the sort of hardware you have available. For the sort of multicore chips that are all the
rage nowadays, I'd go with 7.0 every time, even running single threaded

did you actually made a comparision with 6.*? not with "paper benchmarks" but just run 100 different things and check how responsive machine is.

My experience is of dealing with servers where each machine typically has
a small number of important applications -- frequently only /one/ application
-- which it has to run as efficiently as possible, and for a large number of
end-users.  The most telling example was a MySQL server which we originally
configured with 6.3 -- but it just collapsed under the full load when we made
it the back end for a popular web forums site.  Exactly the same hardware is in
use now running 7.0 and not only is that DB server cruising along quite happily,
but we've been able to add a bunch more web servers at the front of the site.
That's the most remarkable improvement I've seen, but it is not at all

I can't speak to the model of needing to run hundreds of different
applications on the same server -- about the closest thing I have to that
is my personal laptop (but only dozens of apps, rather than hundreds), and
other than being vaguely aware that it seems to be working adequately, I've
never even tried to compare before and after performance.



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