Hi, I`m new to freebsd.and I`m using freebsd 7.0 
I want to load my diskless systems through pxeboot in the network so follow the 
instruction that mentioned in the mail about 2 weeks ago 
instruction as follow:
1.compiling pxeboot and loader using   LOADER_TFTP_SUPPORT=YES
2.compiling kernel with necessary options
3.copy pxeboot,loader,kernel in /tftpboot/
4.configure dhcp , ....
all above steps finished successfuly and each client system get IP and dhcp 
client information correctly and just after it loads primary services and echo 
the message that said kernel will load in 10 seconds and after timeout, system 
hangs up and nothing happend. system echo following message at the end :
/boot/kernel/kernel       text=0x37fdd8    data=0x81340+0x1460c     
Hit [Enter] to boot immediatelly, or any other key for command prompt.
Booting [/boot/kernel/kernel] ...
/boot/kernel/acpi.ko     text=0x500ef         data= 0x81340+0x1460c   
and in this step system hangs up
please help me to solve this problem
before this error (that I solved):
after the timeout it echo the error message that said "ACPI autoload failed" 
that I copy acpi.ko in the folder (/tftpboot/boot/kernel/) and this error gone 
my /tftpboot/ contains 4 files and 2 folder:

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