Hello Gurus,
    Since few years back and im on FBSD 4.8-R for commercial use.
    Its time to move on.
    I have two Questions, and kindly looking for answers, specialy that hosting 
    contract is (NO support for FreeBSd), So i have to becareful again, just 
like what I did
    to the 4.8-R
    For a commercial use server
    1) Which version do you recommend, shall I go for 7.0-R ?
        or 6.3-R.
    2) Hosting company hardware is
   * Single Intel E6300 CORE 2 DUO 1.86Ghz /1066MHz FSB /2MB L2 Cache    * 2GB 
DDR2 RAM    * 2x 250GB/7200 RPM Serial ATA Drives - Hot Swap; RAID1    * 3Ware 
8006-2LP SATA RAID Controller    * 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 
    Any of the above parts incompatabile with FreeBSD, or it has any bug ?
    do you recommend something else?
    They didnot mention the brand of ethernet ports, from my experince I will 
go for
     Linksys, any better recomendations ?
   Marwan Sultan.
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