Thanks for your response.
My only concern is a square root operation I have to do. Is there some
standard routine that will do it for long long or else I can pull out some
code from gnu/i386/fpemul to do my computations.


On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Dan Nelson wrote:

> In the last episode (Feb 12), Parveen Patel said:
> > Can I use floating point operations inside the FreeBSD kernel version
> > 4.7-stable? It used to be a policy not to use it for obvious
> > performance probelms.
> You're not supposed to.  I think this was the last time it was brought
> up:
> > Are there any known work arounds? Like some standard efficient
> > techniques to convert floating point operations to fixed point
> > operations without losing too much precision.
> Multiply your numbers by 10^9, store everything in long longs, and
> write your own printf_fake_fp function that shifts the decimal point?
> --
>       Dan Nelson

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