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> Hi there,
> I am using FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p1. The machine has PHP 5.2.6 with
> Suhosin-Patch (cli). We're going to host one of our sites which
> currently is hosted by our ISP. This site requires php4 to work before it
> gets rewritten or dumped. Anyway, my current BSD machine is a dedicated one
> so I can do with it what I like but I am not really sure how to go about
> installing two versions of php. php5 has been installed from ports and works
> well.

The main issue here is: Which php would you want Apache to refer to, and at
what time? Honestly, I  don't have an answer for this!.
Perhaps you have to run a whole different system within a jail:-(
There may be an easier way, but when I read this, that is where my /etc (end
of thinking capacity) got me for now.

How would you advise me to go about installing php4? I do not think I will
> be able to do it from ports (it will require an ancient version of php
> 4.10). Also I do not want to mix dependencies and such. Another issue is how
> to host the site. Use a different port for it (*:8080)? Use jails (never
> been in jail so no experience with it so far ;)?

Why not just use the  final version of php-4.x.x? Even this breaks your

> I do have several IPs to play with so I can use them if that helps.

Use a jail.

> I'd appreciate your opinion about it. Many thanks to you all in advance!

I am not even sure my opinion helps, but well, the whole world reads this

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