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I use apache13 and php5. When I do a phpinfo(), I can see in "Environment" sensibles datas when I launch apache in root. I see all my env variables (as MAIL, TERM, USER, PWD, LOGNAME, EDITOR, OSTYPE, LANG, etc, etc...). So, we see informations about user who launched apache.

When apache is launched as boot (with apache_enable="YES"), I don't see these informations. I only see:

HOME    /
PATH    /sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin
RC_PID  39
PWD     /

This is OK. There is no critical informations.

How could I launch apache and mask these informations? I must reboot to have this default datas, else I see environment data about the user who lauch it.

- Nicolas.

Instead of just

$ su

do this:

$ su - root

This will give you only root's environment. Then do your startup command for apache.


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