DAve wrote:
Chuck Swiger wrote:
It might be reasonable to try hyperthreading enabled, as your type of load might be improved by it on....

Funny that, enabling hyperthreading immediately dropped my load by half, I see CPU0, CPU1, CPU2, CPU3 now in top. I also see my CPU load reporting correctly as well. I see ranges from 10% idle to 80% idle, not locked at 50% and above.

That seems to have cured several ills. I will know more Monday at 8:30am when the business email traffic kicks in.


Just a quick note, we survived the day in good form. The servers have dropped their load numbers by 50% under a heavy load and by 80% under a normal load. More importantly, Nagios shows that SMTP is always responding and the load balancers are now showing a max of 34 active connections on each server where before they were showing 350+. Connections are opening and closing far far quicker.

machdep.hyperthreading_allowed=1 has been added to /etc/sysctl.conf

On a related note, I met Chuck back in 1999 in Seattle at a SeaFug meeting. I doubt he remembers me but he and John Polstra coached me through changing from a Mac Admin to a BSD admin. I've read Chuck's posts on multiple maillists that we both have, or do, share subscriptions to. Chuck, you are always helpful, never mean, and you encourage detective work to identify a problem rather than recite the "upgrade" mantra. Your knowledge has helped countless people over the years, including me. I appreciate that.

If you have a wish list, I can't find it. I would sure like to buy you a CD or something since I can't buy you a beer.

Thank you for your time, thanks to everyone on the list for their time.


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