* Francisco Reyes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [05-12-2008]:

> I am about to install FreeBSD at a new job. They block ftp, along with 
> most other ports.
> I may be able to get a whole open for the freebsd server to be able to 
> ftp from some specific machines. Any suggestions what machines I should 
> add to the list?
You mean FTP *to* (and not "from") specific machines, right?  And what 
about HTTP?  If you look in just a few Makefiles, you'll notice that 
MASTER_SITES vary with each port (CPAN, SF and a few others might appear 
often), so unless you know exactly which ports you will install, this will 
be tough.  For example, see output of:

   % find /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/ -name Makefile | xargs egrep MASTER_SITE

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