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> >>Is there anything in the ports tree I can use to convert AVI and/or MPEG
> >>videos into individual frames as jpg or a different still graphic format?
> >
> >MPlayer should be able to do that.  By the way, AVI is a container
> >format, not a codec, and most AVIs use MPEG (in my experience) for video
> >codec.
> Thanks for the info. I had not realized MPlayer does that. Josh Tolbert 
> also made the same suggestion. I shall pursue figuring out how it's done.

There are at least two frame capture options for MPlayer that can be
activated during playback -- I've gotten "screenshots" from video in the
past in this manner, using the option that grabs many frame captures over
a short period of time so that I could pick from among several to get the
best image.  There may be other ways to do the same, or something

If I remember correctly, using the -vf option when you start MPlayer
allows you to grab screenshots with the s (for single) or S (for constant
frame capture) keyboard commands while it's running.  I don't know what
the GMPlayer interface offers for the same functionality -- never use the

Best o' luck.

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