On Tue, 13 May 2008, Wojciech Puchar wrote:

that the card requires. You can

# kldload sound.ko

are you sure what you say.

kldload sound.ko loads common sound drivers code, not all modules

OK, I sit corrected. I thought it loaded all of them.

kldload /boot/kernel/snd_* would do what you've said

after this - look at logs what module actually fit, and then add


to /boot/loader.conf to have it loaded every boot.


These seem like issues with X and/or KDE. Are you able to run some other window manager, e.g. twm?

icewm is very good for those who like somehow windows looking, but only somehow and only looking, it works very fast and very well :)

I suggested twm because it "comes with" X, and it's a quick and easy test of the xserver - trying to separate X issues from KDE issues.

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