I have FreeBSD 7.0 running on a PC at home which was formerly running Windows XP until I couldn't stand it anymore. I had both of the latest Thunderbird and Firefox installed on it as my mail application and web browser. Unfortunately I am unemployed so I was in the habit of using Dice via Thunderbird which when I double clicked the job advertisements would bring up the appropriate Firefox window auto magically. This is now broken. I don't know why but it is annoying. I thought it might be the pointer follows mouse focus policy but I was wrong. That is the default focus policy under my window manager (twm). BTW I had thought I was running fvwm instead of twm but evidently I was wrong in selecting the location of one of the initialization files. I use startx to start X11. An odd thing is that if I double click within Firefox as for instance when I am managing my bookmarks file it will raise the screen selected. It is only when I double click from Thunderbird that this is broken. Once in a while an odd thing like when moving the mouse over one window will raise another in addition to changing focus. Another annoyance.

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