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My name is Levi Lewis and I'm with GlobalPromoter.com,
a search engine optimization firm specializing in guaranteed
first page listings in the major search engines. I would like
to speak with someone from your company regarding possible
partnership opportunities.

GlobalPromoter is an industry leader in the website optimization
and search engine submission business and has partnerships with
search engines including Overture, Inktomi, LookSmart and Findwhat
just to name a few.

We guarantee first page listings in the major search engines on most
of our packages and guarantee those listings within 14 days of
placing your order. If you would like to view some sample before
and after ranking reports of our clients please contact us.

We also offer our partners generous commissions even if they never
use our service.

In addition to our paid services we also offer several FREE and Unique
online tools (link at the bottom of page) that your users would find quite powerful. If you have any
"do-it-yourself marketers" I think they'll be quite impressed with the
analysis and recommendation tools we offer. Here are just a few of
the free tools.

Keyword Suggestion Tool:
The user enters a keyword and receives every variance of that keyword
and the number of times it's been searched on so far this month on the
Overture network of search engines.

Site Readiness Tool:
The user enters a url and keyword phrase and gets a detailed report
with recommendations to improve their ranking on the major search

Spider Your Competition Tool:
User can enter a url and extract the contents of your competitions

Plus there are many more. And we would be more than happy to put
the free tools on your site at no charge if we come to an agreement.

Please contact us with any questions and or comments you might
have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Levi Lewis

"Guaranteed first page placement among the major search engines"

Our free unique online tools :     http://globalpromoter.com/free_search_engine_promotion_tools.cfm

Signup for a free account:     http://globalpromoter.com/directory/signup_form.cfm


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