At 04:50 PM 5/14/2008, Christer Solskogen wrote:
Derek Ragona wrote:

I would do a traceroute from all your hosts there. When you do keep an eye out for the arp error message. This should help find the host causing these errors and then look at that systems configuration. Also do you have more than one ethernet interface in the system showing the arp errors? If you do, make sure the interfaces are on different subnets.

traceroute dont show anything(no response). Only ping responds, and ping respodns with "" - which is my router. My router on the other hand do not have this arp problem. Only the other machines.

Every machine, except my router, have only one interface. (my router has two, butthey are on to different subnets)


In your router are the interfaces bridged? These errors can come from a bridged interface where the packets are passed through those interfaces.

Another test you might consider is unplugging each system from your lan to identify which one is causing the errors. Once you find the system causing the error the trick will be to find what on that system is generating the traffic.


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