Hi Guys,

$ cd /usr/src
$ export D=/jails/src
$ export H=/jails/tld/domain/host
$ export B=/jails/base
$ sudo mkdir -p $D $H B
$ sudo make installworld DESTDIR=$D
$ sudo make distribution DESTDIR=$D
$ sudo rsync -vrlHpEogXtD $D $B
$ cd $B
$ ln -s usr/home
$ cd $B/usr/home
$ mkdir pgollucci

/dev/ar0s1h     /usr/home   ufs rw      2   2
/usr/home/pgollucci $H/usr/home/pgollucci nullfs ro 0 0 
$B  $H unionfs rw,below  0 0

So the unionfs [1] mounts work fine; however, I can't see the nullfs mount in the upper layer. I tried doing a layered unionfs mount, and that didn't work either. I'm guessing this is a known issue. Are there plans to solve it ?

The only work around I can think of (which does work) is to nullfs mount in the upper layer instead of the lower one. The only problem is that multiples my mounts substantially. For example it would be nice to mount /root/bin, /usr/src, /usr/ports, /usr/home/X (or just /usr/home), devfs in each $H.

For the record, I know about ezjail, other tools, and other docs on sharing read only areas with a base (/s). I'm interested in solving it this particular way, if only to learn more.

[1] http://www.freebsd.org/news/status/report-2008-01-2008-03.html#UnionFS-Improvements
my 8.0-current is new enough to have all these patches in it.

FWIW: the unionfs seems very stable atm the moment.

Philip M. Gollucci ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Senior System Admin - Riderway, Inc.
http://riderway.com / http://ridecharge.com
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