Robert Jesacher wrote:

On 06.05.2008, at 22:02, Ed Maste wrote:

On Tue, May 06, 2008 at 12:44:02PM -0700, Chris St Denis wrote:

I pulled out one of the raid5 drives to test the functionality and
noticed that FreeBSD didn't seem to notice the disk failure at all. I
was expecting kernel messages about it, but got nothing.

This is missing functionality in the aac(4) driver.  For now about
the best you can do is regularly poll the status using Adaptec's CLI
tool "arcconf."


The tool you need to look into is: sysutils/aaccli . I think arctool is only for arcmsr-devices. unfortunately aaccli doesn't provide the possibility to use it with parameters, so you probably
need to use it with an expect-script.

On the adaptec 2410SA I activated the "alarm" feature in the controller bios, which helps me, because its a home server but this will not help you if your server is sitting somewhere else.

Because of this limitation (and a few other things with the controller) I'm certainly looking for an other solution. In my case a ZFS-based software RAID will suffice, but this might not be
desirable for you.

Take care & good luck,
arcconf from ports works fine. It hangs on exit but does die off eventually and doesn't do any harm sitting in background for a while when run from cron, and from the commandline I can just ^c it.

Here is what I used in cron for anyone who is interested: /usr/local/sbin/arcconf GETCONFIG 1 LD | egrep '(name|Status)' It gives results like this which work well. Could probably be incorporated into the daily run output, but I don't know exactly how off hand.

      Logical device name                      : Boot mirror
      Status of logical device                 : Optimal
      Logical device name                      : Data raid5
      Status of logical device                 : Optimal

According to arcconf my card doesn't have an audible alarm :(
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