I'm trying to enable apps such as ftp and yafc to use our Squid proxy for outgoing FTP connections, but my environment variable doesn't seem to work...

[darren@freebsd:~]$ echo $SHELL
[darren@freebsd:~]$ export ftp_proxy="squid.sento.com:8080"
[darren@freebsd:~]$ echo $ftp_proxy
[darren@freebsd:~]$ ftp ftp.FreeBSD.org
^C[darren@freebsd:~]$ yafc ftp.FreeBSD.org
yafc 0.7.10 Copyright (C) 1998-2001 Martin Hedenfalk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type 'warranty'.
This is free software; type 'copyright' for details.

Connecting to ftp.beastie.tdk.net ( at port 21...

...and just sits there. Shouldn't the connection be made to squid.sento.com:8080?

Trying to run 'ftp ftp.gnu.org' from shell ends up doing the same thing. What am I doing wrong? I know our proxy listens on 8080 and supports FTP.


Darren Spruell
Sento IS Department

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