"Nishita Desai" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hello,
> I am having a very strange problem. I just finished installing
> Xfce-4.4 and got it to work with XDM. But all xfce native applications
> are behaving very strangely:
> 1. The terminal doesn't echo back my characters till I've typed the
> next character. This is applicable to backspace key and password
> prompts (which wont show up till _after_ if finished typing and
> pressed enter)
> 2. The menus dont render properly. Again, I can see the the items only
> when I hover over them.
> xterm works fine, so do menus within Firefox. Although my cursor
> disappears in Firefox's text-boxes sometimes.
> I have just installed exactly this combination on another system and
> it works fine. I am quite at a loss where to even start looking. Any
> help would be appreciated.

Just as a start, until the experts arrive ......

Is Xfce just too much for the system?  It ran nicely here a while back on
a 900mhz machine - but was noticeably slower than fvwm, so I ditched it

Firefox works - but does it take forever for ff to start?

Xterm works - close down firefox and everything else, fire up an xterm
and run top - is there anything using up a lot of memory or cpu that
shouldn't be there at all?

Have a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log  - any interesting error messages?

What does your .xinitrc look like?  


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